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A Quick Look at High Quality Tumble Dryers of 2013

May 7, 2013
You probably don't believe that there are a lot of differences between tumble dryers and, in some respects this is true. There are a few cases where the differences are minimal. You can also, though, find a few models that are highly unique. There are some dryers that seem average but are truly special. The things that matter most are the features you find important because they help simplify your life.

Because of it's low price, it is a safe bet that the Bosch WTVC3300US isn't going to feature the more exclusive features like steaming and sanitizing cycles. Some of the different Bosch tumble dryers have features like this but they are going to be more expensive. So that alone may eliminate this model from your short list of dryers. If you want to keep your house quiet, one positive thing here is that it has insulation to keep the noise of the dryer at a minimum. If you keep your dryer out of the way, however (like in the basement), this isn't going to be as vital. One of the main selling points for the Bosch dryers, even the Bosch WTVC3300US, is that they are very environmentally friendly. Bosch is very well known for putting moisture sensors into their dryers. So then your cycles are timed because of the moisture content instead of one the simpler and more standard time based timing.

You have the option of including an antibacterial cycle when you buy the General Electric (GE) DCVH480EKWW. This particular feature works when paired with a wide variety of other cycles but does not work with the steam cycle. So keep that in mind if you like steam drying some of your clothes. Another potential negative thing is its smaller capacity: it measures in at 4.0 cubic feet so this is not a dryer that is going to work for a big family. One simple way to increase dryer energy efficiency is to keep the lint trap clean. For convenience's sake, the GE DCVH480EKWW has a light that will tell you when you need to clean out your lint trap. One really smart feature is the switch that turns the machine on to tumble dry before you get to the end of the regular drying cycle. This can help you keep your clothes from getting too wrinkled in the even that you don't take the clothes out of the dryer right away.

The Samsung DV520AEW/XAA offers seven and a half cubic feet of drying space which is really difficult not to like. One of the things you need to know about this model, though, is that it is really expensive. Sure it is not cheap, but if the user reviews are to be believed, the price is definitely worth it. It tested well and is incredibly quiet. One sort of peculiar complaint is the design of this particular model tends to produce a twisting action on clothes. This means that the clothes will often get twisted, particularly with the larger items like sheets or blankets and this can sometimes keep the items from getting all the way dry. It's not acceptable that something so costly have that issue. One of the best places to start if you need a new tumble dryer is capacity. If you have a family, then of course this is an important consideration. Considering other aspects include the price, number of cycles, and overall convenience using this dryer. Just avoid making price your uppermost criteria because that is not always the best indicator for quality.

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